About Us

The daily stress endured by first responders often results in significant mental wellness challenges including anxiety, stress, and depression, and sometimes PTSD, and suicidal thoughts and actions. 

Here For Blue, a service of SmartCounseling.com, has partnered with the first responder community to specially design an on- demand counseling service to meet the unique needs of first responders and law enforcement.  

Here for Blue offers first responders access to licensed and trained therapists anytime, anywhere, via messaging, or live audio or video sessions on our state-of-the-art private HIPPA-secure platform.  

Messaging therapy has proven to be a very effective therapy solution because it offers individuals a convenient, confidential, and safe method to express their challenges, thoughts, and feelings, whenever they arise, and receive prompt, supportive feedback from trained therapists who understand their needs and how to help. 

We offer many options to help organizations, not for profits, health facilities, and government facilities that employ or serve first responders. Click here to contact us to get more information about how we can serve you.